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About - Sky Digital Media

Sky Digital Media is an independent Australian media business owned by RogersDigital.com.

Rogers Digital.com also owns and publishes Saville Media Corporation and News Services

In Australia, Sky Digital Media publishes The Post, The Advertiser, The Southern Cross, The Sun, The Express, The Chronicle, Advertiser and the Daily Sun.

Sky Digital Media publishes these State and Territory based niche titles online including many categories and specialisations for parents, families and businesses.

Sky Digital Media, is a division of RogersDigital.com, has a reputation for continually developing a diverse range of community publications.

Sky Digital Media connects people and communities and is proud of its commitment to both clients and readers. Our State and Territory based publications are at the heart of the community. Sky Digital strives to inform the communities it serves; reflecting the opinions, values, lifestyles, aspirations, concerns and character of the community and it helps to grow the businesses of its many advertisers.

Sky Digital Media's State and Territory news websites are exciting, innovative and informative quality publications that offer advertisers cost effective, ROI positive options to reach target markets. Our people are committed and ready to offer advertisers and readers first class service online.

Sky Digital Media offers businesses a comprehensive marketing solution from content creation, social, online marketing and more.

Sky Digital Media provides business marketing services including Digital Marketing, Search Ads, SEO Services, Social Ads, Local Targeted Display, Websites & Online Stores, Publicity, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Production, Press Release Distribution and Google My Business.

ThePost.net.au - South Australian News

DailySun.com.au - Tasmanian News

TheExpress.net.au - Queensland News

TheChronicle.net.au - Western Australian News

TheSun.net.au - Northern Territory News

Advertiser - Canberra News

The Advertiser.net.au - New South Wales News

TheSouthernCross.com.au - Victorian News

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