A Proven 4 Phase Facebook Advertising System Designed By Top Advertising Experts Designed To Guarantee You Results.

Sky Digital’s four phase system has been rigorously tested for reliability and effectiveness through millions of dollars in ad spend and tested with hundreds of different businesses.

What Is Our 4 Phase Advertising System?


Data Intake

Data Intake is for strategy.

It’s responsible for identifying optimal baseline targets, first-mover audience advantages and effective creative assets.


Rapid Testing

Rapid Testing is for failure and success.

It’s responsible for launching thousands of ad variables, media placements, and audiences to weigh all possible KPI outcomes.


Rapid Optimisation

Rapid optimisation is for cutting losers.

It’s responsible for identifying underperforming ads, cutting losing ads, and artificial selection of top performing ad variables.


Rapid Scaling

Rapid scaling is for returning investments.

It’s responsible for scaling high-performing ads, exploiting audiences, and bringing consistent returns on ad spend.

Why Sky Digital?

Because our results have never been beaten. Out of all the agencies we have competed against, our methods win every time.

Grow Your Business At Full Potential

As technology advances and information is easier to access, so will your competition. Every day, over a billion people are turning to social media to view content. Isn’t it time you take advantage of this with your business?

Those that don’t continue to adjust to the changes in demand will be left behind. Whatever industry that you’re business is based in, there will be competition. It is especially important that you have the right Facebook strategies in place when advertising.

Having Sky Digital at the forefront of your Facebook advertising, you’ll have the competitive edge.

With Sky Digital’s four phase system, your business will be able to create more demand and overcome obstacles in your way… and give you the ultimate industry advantage you need. 

Meet The Brains Behind Sky Digital

Steven Musa

 Lowered clients cost per result by 300%

 Generated 10x ROI through Facebook.

 E-Commerce Entrepeneur

 Upcoming Author

Khobi Brown

 Lowered clients cost per result by 300%

 Lowered clients cost per result by 300%

 Lowered clients cost per result by 300%

 Lowered clients cost per result by 300%


Is Facebook Advertising Reliable?