Retargeting campaigns allow you to send advertisements to your potential customers based on the specific actions they took on your website. Let us show you how Retargeting can benefit your business.

Retargeting Your Audience

After all the work it takes to get the user to the website, only 3% of users take the desired course of action within the website before leaving. However, a significant amount of users do not leave the website simply because they aren’t interested in the business offer. Majority of the time they will become distracted. They will either want to scope out other competitors or simply be curious to what you offer. Whatever reason it may be, once that user leaves, they are gone.

Retargeting is crucial as it allows websites to keep their product or service in front of their customer, even if they didn’t buy. If done correctly, retargeting acts as an ongoing reminder to the customer that they need your product or service. The reason why this is so effective is because you are sending advertisements to someone who is already aware of who you are and what you offer, now they just need a little push to convert into an ongoing customer.

How It Works

Retargeting uses website cookies which allows you to track data anonymously of whichever user that visits your website. With the correct coding on your website, being able to track this information allows you to use retargeting platforms like Google or Facebook to send advertisements specifically to that user. This allows you to send custom ads to users based on what pages they visited on your website and what specific actions they took.

This is effective for any business, as it allows you to follow up with users that are interested in your product or serviceTo ensure that you maintain great results from this, you can control a variety of parameters and control what advertisements your user views and what time they view it.

Similar to other forms of paid advertising, you have to bid to have your advertisements shown. however the cost of retargeting campaigns are usually quite low. This makes retargeting a cost effective way to follow up with customers that you may have otherwise lost.

Retargeting Channels

A customer that you can’t follow up with is a customer lost. At Sky Digital we specialise in helping you get the highest return possible from your advertisements.

Social Retargeting

With over 2.5 billion users using social media, it is likely that users who have visited your landing page will also be using a social media platform. Using social retargeting will allow your advertisements to show up on the news feed of each user that visited your website. This allows you to send personalised content based on what specific pages or products your audience was viewing.

Google Retargeting

Google is the largest search engine in the world, making it a viable way to retarget your audience. Similar to Facebook, Google allows you to tailor your remarketing advertisements based on the exact products or pages that your user visited on your website. Using these tools to follow up on your audience is one of the best ways to increase customer sales target specific audiences of your choice.

Dynamic Retargeting

When it comes to E-commerce, or any company with many products, creating a dynamic retargeting campaign is a must. Chances are that within your online store, you are often removing, adding and updating products on your website. Dynamic retargeting allows you to simple inventory feed that is easy to update. Rather than showing a generic remarketing ad within your business, you can target your customers automatically based on the exact product that they looked at.

Retargeting With Sky Digital

Unlike most marketing agencies and managers, at Sky Digital we recognise that online marketing doesn’t just finish with a click of a PPC advertisement. In reality, this is just the first step in a process of nurturing your audience to purchase your product or service.

We ensure that we are maximising your return on investment with your marketing budget by integrating multiple retargeting platforms and advertisements to your online marketing campaign.

If you want to find out how you can get the most out of your online advertising with retargeting, contact us now!

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