Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most effective methods to get your message in front of high-intent prospects. Discover how you can use search engine advertising to grow your business.

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is a key factor within any online marketing campaign because you are advertising to customers who already want the product or service you offer. It is at this moment that they are scoping out which business they will choose before purchasing.

In simple terms, search engine marketing is where you bid on search terms that are related to your business to get your advertisement in front of users. If a customer were to search for a product or service on Google, your business would show. In exchange, you only pay a small fee to Google every time your advertisement is clicked.

Combining Search Engine Advertising with Re-targeting, this can be a very profitable advertisement method for business owners looking to get in front of customers who are already looking for their services. However, incorrectly structured campaigns can lead to wasted advertisement dollars.

How We Get Results

In our eyes, the key to a successful Google Adwords campaign is strategy. Within Sky Digital, we create a strategy for your business that displays why your product or service meets the needs of your customer. We combine the use of the right keywords, landing page design and message to create a compelling display for your potential customer and create sales.

Once your search engine marketing is delivering results, we take the time to test and analyse all aspects of your campaign performance to ensure your campaign is optimised for the highest results. With the combination of data analytics, search engine marketing and optimisation, we ensure that your advertisements are set up for success.

Helping You Succeed

Google is currently the largest search engine platform, taking a whopping 92% of all search engine queries. This represents a huge opportunity for business owners looking to get their services in front of customers.

Google Adwords

In today’s competitive industries, businesses need a strong search engine presence. This means having your business shown on Google search results right when customers are looking to buy.

Google handles over 3 billion searches every day and has become a fundamental aspect of any businesses marketing strategy. Choosing not to advertise on a platform with huge demand like Google essentially means that you are allowing your competitors to take more of the available market share.

Why Most Campaigns Fail

Creating successful advertisement campaigns is our top priority at Sky Digital. Unlike competitors, we optimise your advertisement campaigns weekly to ensure you are maximising profitability.


As a rule of thumb, the closer a customer will be to purchasing, the more expensive it will be to advertise to them. Search engine marketing targets customers that are already ready to purchase. This causes the competition to be fierce between yourself and other business owners. If your company does not have a solid strategy in place to manage the competition, you will find it increasingly difficult to maintain a return from your search engine advertising. 


Search Engine Advertising platforms like Google Adwords makes setting up a campaign quick and easy. At the end of the day, Google makes money from your campaign, even if it wasn’t successful for your business. On the other hand, creating a campaign that actually makes money for your business is much more complicated. There are many factors to take into consideration when managing a profitable Google Adwords campaign, and the amount time and consideration required to achieve this can often be overwhelming for business owners.


Although search engine marketing is effective, it can also be expensive. When it comes to Google Adwords, you’re paying for every click that you receive, meaning that your cost per acquisition cost adds up quickly. As a result, Google Adwords tends to be more successful for larger companies. Although a smaller marketing budget can still succeed, search engine marketing typically works best for companies that have a marketing budget of $8,000/month or more.

The Sky Digital Difference

At Sky Digital, we specialise in creating campaigns that work and put money in your pocket. We are aware of the money sucking problems that most companies face when setting up their Google Adwords campaigns. We are confident that once we have optimised your campaign, your business will redefine was successful search engine advertising looks like.

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